What exactly is Website1K all about?

To put it simply, Website1K provides you exactly what other web companies are providing, without sacrificing on quality and at a fraction of the cost. This lean and mean offering consists of a full fledged website with a professional grade Content Management System (CMS), all created within an impressive 48 hours upon purchase (either online or offline). After which, an account manager will meet up with you (either at our office or a venue of your choice) to provide CMS training and handover the website. However, our relationship does not end there. If you face any issues moving forward, we provide ticket support to solve any issues you may have.


To understand out how our offering fares against other web design and development providers, be sure to check out the comparison table.

What do I get by getting Website1K?

For a one-time fee of $988, you get a professional website that not only looks great but is also completely editable (through the professional grade CMS). You might have an idea of what it consists of already, but here's a quick overview:

  • Website with up to 5 pages (eg. 1 for Homepage, 1 for "About Us", 1 for "Contact Us" and 2 for any other content you wish to have) for a start. After handover, you are free to modify content on existing pages and add new pages
  • Hosting for 2 years with 99.9% service uptime means your website is always available
  • Your own domain name e.g. www.yourcompanyname.com
  • 2GB on online storage space for your content (text, images and videos)
  • 1 (3 hours) on-site consultation session for website handover and CMS training
  • Local, ticket-based email support with next business day response

Is Website1K PIC claimable?

Yes, it is. If necessary, we help our clients with the PIC write up to ensure the best possible chance of a claim. Although we cannot promise that a claim will go through successfully, the chance of approval is around 80% to 90% from the cases we have handled.

I see a lot of different designs under "Select Design", do you customize them?

That can be done. Feel free to let us know your chosen theme and specific design preferences so our designers can customize them accordingly. You will NOT incur additional charges by getting us to modify the design, but the turnaround time will be 24 hours longer than the usual 48 hours.

I'd prefer not to make an online purchase, is it still possible to get Website1K?

We have always been flexible in purchase arrangements, you can opt for an offline purchase by geting in touch with us here.


The procedure of an offline purchase will be as follows:

  1. Get in touch with us
  2. We'll gather all necessary info and send over an official quotation for you to endorse
  3. Upon endorsement, invoice will be sent
  4. Upon settlement of payment, website will be up within 48 hours

Why does your service require training, whereas others don't?

Other services direct you to a self-help guide or online forum which, to us, gives you fragmented advice on how to manage your website. Who wants to buy something and get bits and pieces of information?


At Website1K, our training brings you from start to end, giving you the complete picture on how best to manage your website. It's more than a package - it means that we have a physical face to our business, and we're fully local, ready to help.

I have an existing website and some content there. Do you do migration?

We provide migration for up to 5 pages from your previous website. Beyond that, it will be $20 per page.

What if I want to sell products and services on my website?

We can integrate standard e-commerce features (such as cart and checkout) for an additional $988. Hence, in total it will be $1976.

Where can I find reviews from past customers of yours?

Simply visit our Facebook page.

I'm convinced. How do I purchase?

Great! Select a design and checkout through PayPal or get in touch with us for an offline purchase. We look forward to helping you with your website.

Are there any recurring fees for Website1K?

Specifically for the website, NO. As our service is as simple as it gets, recurring fees are down to only the most fundamental of items.

For domain renewal:

- $36 per year for .com, .net, .org, .co

- $80 per year for .sg, .com.sg, .org.sg


For annual hosting from the 3rd year onwards:

- $90 per year

What currency are all your rates in?

Website1K is established and based solely in Singapore. Hence, all rates are in Singapore dollars.

I have some things to clarify before buying. What should I do?

Simply get in touch with us here, we are more than ready to help!
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