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Seeing is believing

6 March 2015

If seeing is believing, then believing is the first step to buying. We may not trust what others tell us, but we tend to believe what we see for ourselves.

The tree and the forest

2 March 2015

Don't miss the forest for the trees. This saying advises that one should not pay too much attention on the details (trees) and miss the overall, bigger picture (forest).

Clunky websites out, funky websites in

25 February 2015

Depending on when you are first exposed to websites, your impression of the very first one you have seen may vary from the person next to you.

7 billion people, 1 Earth

23 February 2015

In an utopian world without boundaries, we will not be identifying ourselves as a person of a certain nationality or particular ethnicity, but as a human being living on Earth.

It's a Numbers Game

21 February 2015

Another 200 million users were added to the pool of the world's population with access to the Internet between December 2013 and June 2014. That's 30 million per month.

CMS Website, Fast Food Style

18 February 2015

When someone mentions fast food, what would you think of immediately?

The golden arches? The friendly colonel? Or simply the packet of instant noodles that gives gratification in less than 3 minutes?

The Internet doesn’t sleep – so let’s leverage on that!

16 February 2015

It is no surprise that everyone’s connected to the Internet nowadays. Be it at home, at work or on the go, our smart devices connect us to others and the world, using either cellular or Wi-Fi technology.

The close relationship between Entrepreneurship and Control

14 February 2015

There are several reasons why people set up their own companies and become entrepreneurs or business owners - to have control of what they sell, how they sell, and how the business is being run.

A common misconception of websites

11 February 2015

A common misconception is that websites are expensive and difficult to manage. That was true many years ago, where websites were chunky and the expertise of a few trained programmers and designers.

The importance of having an online presence

10 February 2015

Websites put a face to companies. Nowadays, everyone uses a smart device to look for information on the Internet. If they want to know more about a company or business, the first thing they do is to go online and search for it.